After years of collaborated research and planning, our esteemed Ulama (scholars) and qualified professionals formulated a unique curriculum that aimed to combine a complete Alima Course (higher Islamic studies) for girls, Hifz-ul-Qur’an (memorization of Qur’an) and state-approved curriculum (1st grade to High School).

In addition to Hifz-ul-Quran and the ‘Alima Course, we have worked hard to structure our academic curriculum so it is competitive with other private and public schools. For our academic education, we use competitive books published by McGraw Hill and The Princeton Review which are commonly used by New York State private and public schools. Qualified and certified teachers conduct our academic subjects of Math, English, Social Studies, Science, etc. Saut ul Furqan has a teachers’ staff which includes professionals qualified from Columbia University, a professor with a PhD, and a civil engineer qualified from the University of Florida among others. At the same time, our students also learn the fundamentals of Islam including good morals and characteristics.

We believe teachers and parents must work together for the proper upbringing and academic success of a child. For this precise reason, our parents are provided with a monthly progress report, a quarterly report card, and parent teacher conferences. Our school also arranges educational field trips to museums, historical landmarks, Native American reservations, zoos, etc. To judge their overall performance at the end of each year, we provide our students with standardized tests required by the U. S. Department of Education.