Academy of Saut ul Furqan aims to provide the best service and answer any questions in the best possible manner. Below are some of the most common questions asked. If you want to make any further inquires, do not hesitate to contact us.

What educational programs does Saut ul Furqan have to offer

We offer Academic education for grades 1 through 8. This includes the subjects of Math, Reading, Writing, Grammar and Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies/History. We also have a Hifz course and regular Quran classes. In addition, Saut ul Furqan provides a complex Aalima course. We have classes especially for those who want training in Qira’at of the Holy Quran. Saut ul Furqan also holds regular Ta’leems, Tafseer classes, etc.

What is the goal and purpose of Saut ul Furqan

Saut ul Furqan aims to develop a well-run school in which a balanced and comprehensive curriculum is drawn on Islamic knowledge along with the incorporation of a state-approved curriculum for secular education. We try our best to equip every child with the essential skills and experiences to contribute towards the betterment of their communities and our society as a whole. We want to provide affordable private education to those who find it important that their children receive an Islamic environment and a good upbringing. At Saut ul Furqan, quality matters more than quantity.

What kind of environment does Saut ul Furqan provide for its students

Saut ul Furqan provides and Islamic environment for the children in which moral and academic excellence is promoted. We encourage and promote good behavior, courtesy, and discipline in accordance to the Sunnah of the Prophet (saw) throughout the day. Students are monitored and encouraged to follow the simple, yet necessary sunnahs such as smiling, conveying salaam upon each other, helping each other, etc.

What kind of faculty and staff does Saut ul Furqan consist of

We have very qualified and committed teachers who, along with talent and proficiency, have the experience needed to be great educators. We have teachers who show care towards each student and do the best of their ability to educate their students well and assist them in understanding the material being taught.
We have teachers qualified in every aspect and field necessary to run the multiple programs of the school- such as graduates from Hunter College, Columbia University, etc., certified Hafizas, Aalimahs, and Qaariyahs.

What is the Ideal Mother Organization and how is Saut ul Furqan associated with it

The Ideal Mother Organization is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1997. Saut ul Furqan is an institution that is run by this organization.

How do you test the students on their progress throughout the year

The school provides quarterly report cards and progress reports are sent out throughout the year as well. We also provide our students with exams every marking period and give state-standardized tests such as the Terra Nova exams. Parent-teacher conferences are also held every term to discuss any important issues or concerns regarding the students.

How old must one be to participate in the Aalim or Hifz programs? Is there any age limit

We accept students of all ages to attend the Aalim and Hifz courses. The minimum age, however, is six years for the Hifz course and eleven years for the Aalima course.

What programs does Saut ul Furqan provide other than the regular daily classes

Saut ul Furqan provides classes every weekend in which the Quran is taught with tajweed along with the basic fundamentals of Islam. There are classes held weekly for Tafseer of the Holy Quran. Quran classes are also held in the evening during the weekdays for those who attend other day-time schools. Summer classes are also held every year.

Are there any restrictions as to who may attend the school

Saut ul Furqan invites and accepts anyone who is Muslim. We have a multi-cultural staff and student population- people from various background and races.

Does the school provide the children with any activities such as trips

The school does go on trips to various places that are fun and educational for the kids. We also have many programs within the school such as Spelling Bees, Speech Competitions, Presentations, Qira’at Competitions, Talent Shows, Fundraising, Arts and Crafts, Games, Science projects and labs, Iftars, Eid celebrations, fieldtrips and much, much more.

Is there a school uniform or dress code? If so, where can this be purchased

Yes, there is a school uniform. The dress code is for all staff and students- Islamic apparel. Uniforms may be purchased at the school- call for further details. Everyone must observe Hijab and dress modestly.

What languages are taught in the Aalima course

The ultimate purpose of the Aalima course regarding language is to understand the Arabic language fluently. The Aalima course is taught in English and in Arabic soon after.

Do you follow any particular Fiqh or Madhab

Yes, we agree that all Imams and all of the four Madahibs are correct. However, we follow the Hanafi Madhab and teach all four Madahibs in our Alima course.

How much time is given to Academic studies? To Islamic studies

Approximately half the day is dedicated to Islamic studies, and half to Academic studies. However, children in the Hifz course dedicate an extended amount of time to the memorization of the Quran as this is required.

How long is the school day

The day begins at 8 A.M. and ends at 3 P.M for all kids except the children in the Hifz course. The classes are shortened during Ramadan.

When can parents and others come to visit the school

Contact the administration to make arrangments

Is the school mixed

Yes. The school consists of girls of all ages and boys of ages ten and below.

How do I enroll my child

Call school for details and fill out enrollment form.

Does the school run and give breaks in accordance to public schools

Major vacations such as winter and spring recess, etc. are in accordance with the public schools. Summer vacation is also given. We also give vacation for Ramadan. However, all holidays are not given off such as Halloween, April Fool’s Day, etc.

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